Academic Biography
1974 – Graduated from N.I. Pirogov Odessa Medical Institute (present-day Odessa National Medical University).

Degrees and Titles
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

Academic Career
After graduating and completing a one-year internship, worked in Odessa Clinical Infections Hospital and the All-Union Science Research Institute of Medicine and Medical and Technological Information (Moscow, director – Yu.P. Litsitsin).
1981 – under научное руководство of Professor G.R. Kruchka, defended his candidate’s dissertation and received the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences.
January, 1984 – an assistant and in 1990 – a senior lecturer at the Department of Social Hygiene and Health Management at Ternopol Medical Institute (headed by Professor A.M. Golyachenko).
1994 – K.K. Vasiliev defended his doctoral dissertation and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences by the Licensing Committee of the Russian Federation. Moved to Sumy (Ukrain), where organized the Department of Social Hygiene, Health Management, and General Hygiene at Sumy State University’s medical faculty and worked as its chairman until 2010.
1996 – received the title of Professor.
2010 – 2012 – was the head of the Department of Social Medicine and Medical Management at Odessa National Medical University. K.K.Vasilyev is currently working at this department.

Academic Interests
History of medicine of the Russian Empire and the USSR (from18th century to the first half of the 20th century), major works from the history of medicine in Odessa and the history of Russian medical emigration.

Professional Organizations
Was a member of the All-Union Society of Historians of Medicine. Participated in the All-Union conferences held by this society: the 1st (Kishinev, 1972), the 2nd (Tashkent, 1980), and 3rd (Kobuleti, 1986).
Was a member of the International Confederation of Historians of Medicine, which became a “successor” of the All-Union Society of Historians of Medicine, publishing the reports from all of its conferences: the 1st (Moscow, 1998), 2nd (Moscow, 2003), and 3rd (Moscow, 2010).
At the last conference, Vasilyev was elected a member of the presidium of the board of the International Confederation of Historians of Medicine.
2014 – took part in the First (Inaugural) Conference of the Russian Society of Historians of Medicine
2015 – gave a report at the plenary session of the society’s second conference.
As a member of the Ukrainian Society of Historians of Medicine, organized and hosted three conferences in Sumy:
1. Medical Education in Classical Universities: Past and Present: Materials from the International Practical Science Conference (Sumy, 16-17 May 202) / gen. ed. K.K. Vasilyev – Sumy: SumSU, 2002. 148 pages.
2. Current Issues in the History of Medicine. Materials from the international conference. 26 April 2005. Sumy. Gen.ed. K.K. Vasilyev – Sumy, 2005. 172 pages.
3. Teaching the History of Medicine in Institutions of Higher Education: Past and Present. Materials from the international conference. 13 April 2007. Sumy. Gen.ed. K.K. Vasilyev. Sumy, 2007. 146 pages.

Member of the International Society for the History of Medicine (ISHM).
Gave a report at:
26th International Congress on the History of Medicine. August 20-25, 1978. Plovdiv – Bulgaria.
38th International Congress on the History of Medicine. 1nd – 6th September 2002, Istanbul – Turkiye.
40th International Congress on the History of Medicine. August 26-30, 2006. Budapest – Hungary.
44th Congress of the International Society for the History of Medicine. 10-14 September 2014, Tbilisi – Georgia.

Participated in the materials for the following congresses of the International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine:
22th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine. Beijing, 24-30 July 2005.
24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine. 21-28 July 2013, Manchester – The United Kingdom.

Scientific Publications
The author of more than 300 scientific papers, including five monographs, six textbooks and twenty-five inventions. Under his leadership, were defended 13 candidate’s and two doctoral dissertations.

Vasilyev K.K. K biografii sotsial’nogo gigienista professora Isaaka L’vovicha Daylisa (1889–1981) [Biography of the Social Hygenicist Professor Isaac Lvovich Dailis (1889-1981)]. K.K. Vasilyev, Yu.K. Vasilyev. Skhіdnoєvropeys’kiy zhurnal gromads’kogo zdorov’ya (Eastern European Journal of Public Health). Kiev. 2015. № 1 (22). P. 85–86. [in Russian]

Vasilyev K.K. Rol’ Kazanskogo universiteta v stanovlenii meditsinskogo fakul’teta Novorossiyskogo universiteta (The Role of Kazan University in the Creation of the Medical Faculty of the Novorossiya University). K.K. Vasilyev, Yu.K.Vasilyev. Kazanskiy meditsinskiy zhurnal. 2014. №2. P.169–174. [in Russian]

Vasylyev K.K. Scientists and Their Schools: Grigoriy Vitalyevich Khlopin (1863–1929), Professor at Yuriev (Tartu) and Odessa Universities. K.K. Vasylyev, Yu.K. Vasylyev. Acta Baltica Historiae et Philosophiae Scientiarum. 2014. Vol. 2, No. 1. P. 119–125. Doi: 10.11590/abhps.2014.1.06

Vasilyev K.K. K 90-letiyu kafedry sotsial’noy meditsiny, meditsinskogo prava i menedzhmenta Odesskogo natsional’nogo meditsinskogo universiteta: L.V. Gromashevskiy (1887-1980) [90 Years of the Department of Social Medicine, Medical Law, and Management of Odessa National Medical University: L.V. Gromashevsky (1887-1980)]. K.K.Vasilyev, Yu.K. Vasilyev. Meditsina s’ogodnі і zavtra (Khar’kov). 2013. № 4 (61). P. 69–73. [in Russian]

Vasilyev K.K. K 250-letiyu opisaniya perkussii Leopol’dom Auenbruggerom (250 Years Anniversary of the Description of Percussion by Leopold Auenbrugger). K.K.Vasilyev, V.A. Shtan’ko. Odes’kiy medichniy zhurnal. 2011. № 6 (128). P. 77-80. [in Russian]

Vasilyєv Kostyantin Kostyantinovich. Entsiklopedіya Suchasnoї Ukraїni (Encyclopedia of Contemporary Ukraine). K., 2005. T.4. P. 125. Portret. [in Ukrainian]

Konstantin Konstantinovich Vasilyev: biobibliogr. ukaz. Odes. nats. nauch. b-ka im. M. Gor’kogo (Konstantin Konstantinovich Vasilyev: biobibliography. Odessa Gorky nat. sci. b.), 2011. 119 p. [in Russian]

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