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User Acceptance, Safety, and Effectiveness of The Postpartum Intrauterine Contraceptive Device

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Momna Khan , Ghazala Shaheen , Amjid Azam Sirewal , Sumaira Khoso , Bakhtawar , Fahmida Naheed


Background: Reducing the rates of newborn and maternal mortality requires keeping a healthy distance between pregnancies and properly timing them. In addition to reducing poverty and hunger, family planning lowers the risk of 32% of maternal fatalities and 10% of child deaths. There is an increased risk of newborn morbidity and mortality when there are short gestational intervals. Condoms, intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUCD), injectable, oral contraceptive pills (OCPs), sterilization, and other treatments are readily available as short- and long-acting contraceptive methods. The most cost-effective long-term contraceptive alternative is the copper-containing intrauterine contraceptive device, or Cu IUCD. Cu IUCD is a reversible, non-hormonal contraceptive method that is safe to use while nursing and has a long effective life.

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