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Thyroidectomy: A Comparison of Drain and No-Drain Strategies

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Ahmed Hussain Pathan, Karim Bux, Sandesh Kumar, Shahbaz Zahoor, Syed Moin Islam Shah, Rihan Aslam Khan


Objective: To evaluate the differences in the effectiveness of thyroidectomy with and without a drain. Background: The thyroid gland converts iodine from our food into two primary active forms: triiodothyronine (T4) and thyroxine (T3). Neck hematomas, an unusual but dangerous consequence, can arise as a result of faulty hemostasis or a bleeding problem, and while the yearly incidence is just 1%, they can asphyxiate the patient and create airway blockage. It has also been shown that employing a drain after basic thyroid surgery is futile

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