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The Misconception among the Students of the Department of Science Faculty of Basic Education of the Concepts of Respiration and Photosynthesis in Green Plants

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Samaa Ibrahim Abdullah


This study sheds the light on the misconception of the concepts of respiration and photosynthesis that takes place among the students of the department of science/ branch of biology, third grade faculty of basic education, while they are in a period of preparation for teaching as teachers in schools. The research sample consisted of (78) male and female students, and it represents the research community itself, with (51) female students and (27) male students. To identify the alternative concepts of the research sample. A test of the multiple-choice type related to the concept of nutrition and photosynthesis was constructed with (50) items. Validity and reliability were conducted, and the power of discrimination and the effectiveness of the alternatives related to these items were extracted. After conducting statistical analyzes, it was concluded that the usual teaching used in schools has a major role in the formation of alternative or erroneous concepts, on which the conceptual structure is built in the student's mind.

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