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Relation of Some Immunological Markers (IL 4, 12 and 23) with Toxoplasmosis in Aborted Women

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Ali abdl Husseen jawad ,Ahmed S. Abed ,Zainab K. Ali ,Raed shakir shnain ,Raji Mohsen Al-Yasiri ,Moamin Ibraheem Kate ,Mustafa Jawad Kadham ,Abdulrahman Abbas Jasim ,Jasim M. Almuttrek ,Qais R. Lahhob


Background Toxoplasma gondii is a major cause of abortion in pregnant women. Toxoplasmosis infection in the mother during pregnancy is frequently associated with transplacental transmission of the parasite to the fetus. The purpose of this study Aims of this study determine and compared the different concentrations level of interleukin (IL) 4, 12 &23 in patients with toxoplasmosis and control groups.

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