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Modern Methods of Measuring Pesticides Using Biosensors

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Arkan Al-Yasari ,Nadezhda Barakova ,Victoria Matytcina ,Ksenia Rukhlyada ,Alexander Dobrinov


Because of the large amounts of commonly used pesticides as well as their impacts upon health and the environment, there is a high importance in finding an accurate and prompt pesticide analysis methods. This paper provides an overview for modern methods and trends in the measurement of pesticide contamination based on biosensors. Moreover, there are different types and classifications of biosensors which play a successful role in environmental and agricultural pollutant analysis, and process control. Present study, conducted on view the more development bio-receptors depending sensors in additional to fluorescent biosensor for pesticides detection. This review showed that biosensors depend on biological component (such as an enzyme, a DNA probe, antibody) as recognition elements/bio-receptors are more accurate and reliable than traditional analytical instruments. In conclusion, The application of the bio-sensor-based instrument to pesticide detections in environment and different biological products like the vegetables and fruits are successful and will be researched more in the future.

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