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Legal Basis for Crime of Mediation

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May Ebraheem Mansoor ,Hayder Ars Afan


Some difficulties stand in the way of initiating a lawsuit in the mediation crime, due to the existence of some obstacles that prevent the achievement of the goals, this prevents the prosecution of the mediation crime from being brought before the competent authorities, and there is no doubt that the possibility of detecting the mediation crime and tracking down its perpetrators is related to the rule of transparency and equality in the field of public office. It is necessary to take some necessary measures in combating the crime of mediation, and these can contribute to moving the complaint against the one who mediates, begs, or recommends, or whoever accepts that mediation, begging, or will, and in accordance with the requirements of the Penal Code, because most of the crimes that fall within the concept of money crimes or administrative and financial corruption start from this crime, and its suppression will inevitably lead to a limitation in fighting corruption in government departments and institutions.

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