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Enhance CaCl2/acetamide and Alcl3/Chloroacetamide ionic liquids conductance through Water and Dichloromethane

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Bassam Baqer Hasan ,Taghried Ali Salman


Deionize (DI) Water and dichloromethane (DCM), were tested as the additives to modify the performance of CaCl2/acetamide and Alcl3/Chloroacetamide (CA) ionic liquids (ILs) electrolytes. DI Water with 0.35 wt.% and DCM with 0.25 wt. % as the optimized volume ratio of solvents to the ionic liquids. The additives have the functions of reducing the viscosities and elevating the conductivities of ionic liquid electrolytes, at various temperatures. Other physical properties, such as cyclic voltammetry have been measured to determine the changes in chemical window. Upon the basis of the results It can be deduced that the solvents enhance the hydrogen bond with ILs and this effect depending on the solvent dielectric constant.

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