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Biochemical Study On Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 (Fgf23) And Its Relation With Osteomalacia Disease

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Nawal Thanoon Younis ,Sana Abdulilah Abdulmawjood


The research examined the relationship between FGF23 and a few osteomalacia-related biochemical markers (vitamin D, phosphate, albumin, calcium, glutathione GSH, alkaline phosphatase enzyme (ALP), and arylesterase ARE enzymes, malondialdehyde, ceruloplasmin) in serum blood patients compared to the control group. The results demonstrated a substantial rise in mean FGF23 concentration in patients (356.75 ± 168.99 pg/ml) as compared to the mean concentration in the control group (273 ± 188.5 pg/ml), whereas the concentration of (vitamin D, phosphate, albumin, calcium, ARE enzyme) were considerable decreased. The concentration of (Malondialehyde and ceruloplasmin) had been found to have significantly increased Comparing the patients to the healthy group, the results revealed a non-significant increase in ALP enzyme levels and a non-significant decrease in glutathione levels. Additionally, the coefficient of correlation between FGF-23 and those clinical parameters revealed a considerable negative correlation with calcium in the patients. The association between the outcome and the remaining biochemical indicators was non-significant. The findings also revealed a negative correlation between FGF23 and BMI in patients and a positive correlation between BMI and FGF23 in the healthy group.

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