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Assessment of some Th17 and Th2 interleukins in scabies Iraqi patients

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Mariam Yahya Mahdi ,Wasan Addai Mahdi


Scabies is a disease caused by mite (Sarcoptes scabiei) for human infection (Abbas et al.,2021). The parasite intrudes by external obligate that is easily transmitted via skin contact, which is direct contact with the infected person skin for a long time or indirectly via sharing bedding, towels, clothes and other utilized materials via the injured person. The study is included collecting the blood samples from group patients infected with scabies involving sixty person and blood samples from healthy group were sixty individuals as control group. The results showed no difference between the infection incidence of male and female that was 30 (60.0%) and 30 (42.9%) respectively. But, the percentage of age groups highest values was in (4-13) years in proportion 15 (78.6%), while the lowest values were in (54-63) years and (>63) in proportion 4 (44.4%) for the scabies patients. While the result of some immunological parameters that involves pro-inflammatory interleukins Th17 (IL- 17and IL-23) showed a significant difference of patients that were (126.52 ±11.92) and (108.49 ±12.04) compared with control (74.24 ±2.06) and (65.87 ±1.36) respectively. The same levels of the results to anti-inflammatory interleukins Th2 (IL-4 and IL-5) represented of patients were (147.72 ±27.89) and (129.68 ±11.20) compared with control group (74.91 ±2.53) and (84.94 ±5.10) respectively.

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