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An Appraisal of the Role of Telocyte During Liver Formation Using CD34

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Mahdi N. Mh , Alhabib M.F


Telocyte has a small size cell body with numerous thin and long telopodes that make them easily recognizable, the typical size of the cellular body may be seen on the TEM images, and the three-dimensional network formed by these Tps may serve as a frame to specify the proper arrangement of tissues and organs. CD34 is a transmembrane phosphor glycoprotein, first identified in 1984 on hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. This study aims to investigate the possible role of TCs in liver formation, differentiation, and maturation using CD34. This study design enrolled four groups; 2nd week and 3rd-week groups of gestation embryos (prenatal stage), newborn group, and adult groups (control) the liver tissue was collected and processed for paraffin block and then sectioned and stained, nuclear differentiated special stain (NDS) was specifically used and helpful due to the fine thickness of the section Immunohistochemical antiCD34 antibody to demonstrate telocyte cells reactivity. Histomorphometric quantification of anti-CD34 antibody reactivity was estimated using Aperio software. A high significant difference was recorded in 2 nd and 3rd, there was less activity of Immunohistochemical reactivity labeled with CD34 Antibody in the newborn & adult control group, than in the 2nd & 3rd -week gestation group.

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