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Georgy Shingarov

Academic Biography
Sofia Medical Institute, 1958 (Bulgaria).

Degrees and titles
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor.
1966 – defended a thesis on the topic “Emotions and feelings as a form of reflection of reality”; 1972 – doctoral thesis “Methodological problems of the physiology of higher nervous activity”.

Scientific activities
1966-1972 – researcher, Institute of Philosophy at the USSR Academy of Sciences; then – pedagogical work at the department of philosophy at the Academy of Medical Sciences; 1975-1992 – professor of the department; 1991-1995 – deputy director for Medical Museum Science Research Center at the Russian Academy of Medical Science; 1995-1999 – leading researcher at the center; from 1999 worked as the head of the department of certification of scientific works at the Modern Humanitarian Academy; now – the chairman of the dissertation council, professor of philosophy of the Modern Humanitarian Academy.

Honors and awards
Honored Worker of Science.

Research Interests
Shingarov’s work has investigated the methodological problems of the history of medicine (psychiatry and physiology of higher nervous activity), the specific features reflected in the biomolecular level of organization of matter, the psychological and epistemological features of emotions and feelings as a form of reflection of reality, the relationship between consciousness and unconscious mental processes, psychological and epistemological features of catharsis, the role of suggestion and hypnosis in private and public life. Georgy Shingarov developed a concept that views the conditioned reflex as a system of signs, in which are added a specific cause-and-effect relationship between an organism and unconditional (biologically significant) irritant with the emergence of the “ideal” and its carrier – the conditioned stimulus (the sign, the signal); it puts forward the concept of the unity of the historical and logical development in the physiology of the nervous system; the features of the theory and method of knowledge of I. P. Pavlov. Shingarov’s work covers questions of symbols and ontology and the epistemology of supernatural mythology.

Professional Organizations
Member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Arts and Sciences (Saint Petersburg), the International Academy of Information, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
Deputy chairman of the expert council of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Ministry of Defense in philosophy, sociology and cultural studies, the chairman of the dissertation council in Modern Humanitarian Academy, deputy chairman of the Scientific Council of Medical Sciences on the history and philosophical problems of medicine, member of the Presidium of the Conference of Medical Historians (international). Was a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Higher Nervous Activity, and the Pathological Physiology and Experimental Therapy journal. Member of the editorial board of the international journal Asclepius, a member of the editorial boards of Managing the Metropolis and National Health.

Scientific Publications
Published more than 150 scientific publications, among them:

1. Shingarov G.Kh. Epistemologicheskie, metodologicheskie i metafizicheskie osnovaniya sozdaniya I.P. Pavlovym sinteticheskoy fiziologii pishchevareniya (Epistemological, methodological and metaphysical foundations for I. P. Pavlov’s creation of synthetic physiology of digestion). Sotsiologiya obrazovaniya, M., Izd-vo SGU, 2011, №12a. P. 43-52. (VAK) [in Russian]
2. Shingarov G.Kh. Chelovecheskiy kapital, chelovecheskiy potentsial i sotsial’nyy capital (Human capital, human potential and social capital). Vestnik Moskovskoy gosudarstvennoy akademii delovogo administrirovaniya (MGADA). 2012, №4 (16). P. 49-58. (VAK) [in Russian]
3. Shingarov G.Kh., Tatarovskaya I.G. Simvol kak forma poznaniya (Symbol as a form of knowledge). Vestnik Moskovskoy gosudarstvennoy akademii delovogo administrirovaniya (MGADA). 2013, №2 (23). P. 192-201. (VAK) [in Russian]
4. Shingarov G.Kh. Vremya – deystvie – bytie: metafizicheskie osnovaniya glagol’nogo vremeni. Nastoyashchee istoricheskoe vremya (Time – effect – being: The metaphysical foundations of verbal time. The present historical time). Zh. Gumanitarnye, sotsial’no-ekonomicheskie i obshchestvennye nauki. 2014, №14, ch. 1. P. 85-90 (Grant RGNF, 13-03 00608). (VAK) [in Russian]
5. Shingarov G.Kh., Zadorozhnyuk I.E. Problema operatsionalizatsii pokazatelya indeksa razvitiya chelovecheskogo potentsiala (The problem of the operationalization of indicators of human development index). Upravlenie megapolisom, 2015, №2 (44). P. 7-31. (VAK) [in Russian]


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