Academic Biography
1972 – Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute (present-day Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University).

Degrees and Titles
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.
1981 – defended candidate’s dissertation titled “The Development of Pediatric Polyclinics in Petersburg, Petrograd, and Leningrad”.
1992 – defended doctoral dissertation titled “Stages and Development of Russian Pediatric Science and Practice”.

Academic Career
Upon graduating, was assigned to the Department of Social Hygiene and Healthcare Management as a senior laboratory assistant.
From 1978 to 1981 – was a graduate student in this department and later an assistant;
1986 – became a docent;
1993 –became a professor;
1995 – organized and headed the Department of Humanities and Bioethics;
2012 – the department became a division of the UNESCO Bioethics Program.
G.L. Mikirtichan has help to prepare four doctoral dissertations for defence (including the first doctoral dissertation in Russia titled “Medicine and Orthodoxy: Medico-Social, Organizational, and Ethical Problems” (SPB, 2005) by S.V. Filimonova), and also the first doctoral dissertation in Russia on the organizational and medico-social issues of homeopathy (S.P. Pesonina) and osteopathy (D.E. Mokhov), as well as 11 candidate dissertations dealing with medico-social, organizational, and ethical issues in pediatric gynecology, homeopathy, angiosurgery, neonatology, pediatric otorhinolaryngology and dermatology.
1985 – the SPSPMU History Museum was opened based on an exhibition by Galina Lvovna Mikirtichan and was updated and completed in 1995. The museum’s collections were used for excursions, temporary exhibitions, research on the history of SPSPMU and Russian pediatrics.

Honorary Titles, Awards and Prizes
Russian Ministry of Health’s gratitude for “Healthcare Service and Many Years of Good Work”.
2003 – Medal “In Commemoration of the 300th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg”,
2015 – St. Tatiana “Youth Mentor” Medal for many years of educational and social activities.

Academic Interests
History of Russian pediatrics and maternal and child health, traditions of charity, public and private charities for children’s health, formation of scientific schools of pediatrics, history of medical ethics and issues of biomedical ethics in modern medicine, including pediatrics, the relationship between medicine and art.

Professional Organizations
G.L. Mikirtichan was chairwoman of the ethics committee at SPSPMU, the cyclical methodological commission for the humanities, problem advisory council of medico-social health assessments.
G.L. Mikirtichan is also a member of the presidium of the board of the Russian Society of Historians of Medicine, deputy chairperson of the Saint Petersburg Society of Historians of Medicine, and member of the board of editors for the journals “History of Medicine” and “The Pediatrist”.

Scientific Publications
The author of over 30 scientific publications.

Mikirtichan G.L. Issledovaniya smertnosti detey v Rossii XVIII veka (Studies on Child Mortality in 18th Century Russia). Problemy sotsial’noy gigieny, zdravookhraneniya i istorii meditsiny. 2013. №6. P. 42–47. [in Russian]
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Mikirtichan G.L. K 100-letiyu so dnya osnovaniya Vserossiyskogo popechitel’stva ob okhrane materinstva i mladenchestva (Approaching the 100 Year Anniversary of the Founding of the All-Russia Trusteeship for the Protection of Mothers and Children). Vestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo universiteta. Seriya 11. Meditsina. 2014. Vyp. 1. P. 280–274. [in Russian]
Mikirtichan G.L. Organizatsionnye tekhnologii pomoshchi detyam v gody Pervoy Mirovoy voyny (Organizational Technologies to Help Children During the First World War). Vestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo universiteta. Seriya 11. Meditsina. 2014. Vyp. 4. P. 212–229. [in Russian]
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Mikirtichan G.L. Pervyy v Rossii i Evrope spetsial’nyy gorodskoy priyut dlya nedonoshennykh detey (Russia’s and Europe’s First Special City Shelter for Premature Babies). Detskaya bol’nitsa. 2014. №2 (56). P. 57–61. [in Russian]
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Dzharman O.A., Mikirtichan G.L. Predstavleniya o gigienicheskom ukhode i vskarmlivanii detey v Drevnem Egipte (Conceptions of Hygiene and Feeding Children in Ancient Egypt). Rossiyskiy pediatricheskiy zhurnal, 2014, № 6. P. 54–60. [in Russian]
Dzharman O.A., Mikirtichan G.L. Predstavleniya o boleznyakh i lechenii detey v Drevnem Egipte (Conceptions of Disease and Treatment of Children in Ancient Egypt). Rossiyskiy pediatricheskiy zhurnal. № 1. 2015. P. 53–59. [in Russian]
Dzharman O.A., Mikirtichan G.L. Polozhenie vracha v obshchestve Drevnego Egipta (The Position of the Doctor in Ancient Egyptian Society). Istoriya meditsiny. №1. 2015. [in Russian]

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