The Western Medical Tradition and Typology of “Kinds of Medicine”

January 1, 2014

P.E. Ratmanov The article summarizes the approaches of Western historians of medicine to the typology of the Western medical tradition based on kinds of medicine”: bedside, library, hospital, laboratory and public. Keywords: Western medical tradition, kinds of medicine, typology of medicine, Western…

Europe and free family: the role of the assistance of reproductive technologies in the collapse of the family

January 1, 2014

C. Byk The variety of European ethical and legal approaches towards the artificial insemination is also a subject for debates on the implementation of medical techniques connected with the socio-legal revolution, which after almost half a century has influenced the family law….

History and Phenomenology of Hysterodemonic Renaissance

January 1, 2014

P.I. Sidorov, V.V. Medvedeva, А.N. Davydov The etiopathogenetic basis of the social and psychic epidemics is the bio-psycho-sociospiritual factors, which define the paths of emergence and the mechanisms of progression of massively-induced neuropsychic disorders, the earliest forms of which were titled “hysterodemoniacal”:…

Brief history and description of the surgical instrument kit of the early 19th century

January 1, 2014

S.P. Glyantsev This article gives the brief overview of the history and evidence-based ascription of the “Field set of surgical instruments” made by the J. C. Schnetter (Munich, Kingdom of Bavaria), consisting of 29 instruments and dating back to the beginning of…

Philosophy of Eugenics: gains and losses

January 1, 2001

E.N. Shulga Eugenics represents one of the most captivating projects of improving humankind, and as a scientific branch has its own history, philosophic foundations, culture-historical prerequisites and motives. If in the early stages of history it was considered as the basis for…

N.A. Semashko – the first people’s commissar of health: A new century – new research horizons

July 1, 0204

М.Y. Chernichenko I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation The article investigates the problem of insufficient knowledge of the life and work of the first people’s commissar of health, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Semashko. Documents from…

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