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Experience of Mothers Having Children with Chronic Kidney Diseases: A Qualitative Study

Tahira Anjum
MSN Student, Lahore School of Nursing, The University of Lahore.
Hajra Sarwar
Assistant Professor, Lahore School of Nursing, The University of Lahore.


Objectives: To explore the experience of mothers having children with chronic kidney diseases in Nephrology department of Government Hospital Bahawalpur. Method: This research utilized a qualitative phenomenological research methodology to explore the experiences of mothers caring for children with chronic kidney disease (CKD). The researcher recruited mothers with firsthand experience in caring for their children with CKD. Data collection involved conducting interviews with twelve mothers of CKD-afflicted children. The researcher conducted these interviews to elicit in-depth information from the participants. Subsequently, each interview was transcribed by the researcher. Upon completion of the transcription process, the researcher manually assessed the data. Thematic analysis was employed, resulting in the categorization of findings into four overarching themes. The researcher utilized thematic analysis to identify various themes and sub-themes emerging from the interviews. Results: To determine the findings themes were generated. The researcher identified four broad themes, as Emotional impact, coping mechanism, impact on family dynamics and Financial Challenges faced by the parents of children having chronic kidney diseases. These themes were further divided in various subthemes such as Initial Shock and Uncertainty, Confusion between hope and despair, Anxiety and panic among Mothers, Seeking Information and Education , Building Support Networks, Worries about effects on family, Medical Expenses and Treatment Costs and Impact on Employment and Income etcetera. Conclusion: This research is inquired an overall experience and challenges faced by mothers who were taking care of their CKD children.

Keywords: Chronic Kidney Disease, Mothers Experience, Qualitative Study. ,


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