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Challenges Faced by Nursing Faculty During the Curriculum Implementation In Nursing Institutes of Lahore.

Khursheed Rehman
MSN scholar Lahore school of Nursing, University of Lahore
Madiha Mukhtar
Assistant Professor, Lahore school of Nursing, University of Lahore
Muhammad Afzal
Director, Academic Programs, Lahore school of Nursing, University of Lahore
Humaira Kanwal
Nursing officer Sheikh Zayed Medical College and Hospital Rahim Yar Khan


Background: Nursing education has rapidly progressed since the Victorian era, with professors actively shaping comprehensive curricula addressing all health aspects. Previously, an inadequate curriculum, influenced by medical professionals, hindered nursing education. Crucially, curriculum implementation by teachers is vital for cultivating professional nursing competence, fostering broad knowledge, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. With over 50% of the world's health professionals being nurses and midwives, effective communication between teachers and students can create a supportive environment, fostering self-esteem, independence, and empowerment to overcome academic challenges. Purpose: This study aims to investigate the difficulties encountered by nursing faculty in Lahore’s nursing college when implementing the curriculum. Methods: The study used a qualitative explorative design to answer the research questions. Data were collected from two nursing institutions in Lahore, Pakistan. Based on data saturation, a total of 10 participants were interviewed using a purposive sampling technique. Data were analysed manually using an inductive coding approach. Results: Six themes have emerged from the data (figure 1): teaching load, lack of human resources, lack of autonomy, lack of opportunities for professional development, professional regulation issues, and poor clinical teaching mechanisms. Conclusion: The themes that have been found clearly show how learner nurses’ ability to learn is significantly impacted, which ultimately leads to academic failure. The themes suggested that nurse educators were having trouble instructing a significant class of learner nurses in a curriculum that was heavy on content.

Keywords: Challenges, Nursing Faculty, Curriculum, Nursing Institutes. ,


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