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Chemical and Molecular Physics in Perspective Quantum Mechanics is alternative of Quantum Classical Mechanics

Suha Sahab Abd
Department of Chemistry, College of Education for pure Science/ Ibn-Al- Haitham, University of Baghdad, IRAQ.


The concept of quantum transition is based on the completion of a succession of time dependent (TD) perturbation theories in QM. This sequence coheres in atomic and nuclear mechanics because quantum transfers have no dynamic by nature. The kinetics of "quantum" transition, which are dictated by the coupled motions of a lightweight electrons and very massive nuclei, are inherent by nature in chemical and molecular physics, and the sequence of TD perturbation theory become unique. The dynamics problem for reference frames in the QM approach is an exception, because the electronic subsystems is "removed" from the main dynamic system and hence is not physically filled: it just produces an electromotive force wherein the nuclei oscillation. There are two approaches to get rid of the abovementioned singularities. The first way involved adding an additional assumption into molecule quantum theory in the shape of the Franck-Condon rule, which use the isothermal approach. The author developed the second strategy, which involved injecting chaos to dampen the unique dynamically of the bonding movement of electrons and nuclei in the intermediary state of molecules "quantum" transition. Dozy pandemonium is a type of chaos that occurs solely during molecular quantum events. Technically, damping is accomplished by substituting a finite quantity for an endlessly small imagined additive in the spectrum form of the state's full Green's functional. In the molecule transient stage, damping chaos leads to energy spectrum consistency, which is an indication of classical physics. However, in the adiabatic approach, the molecule's starting and end states follow quantum physics. Quantum-classical mechanics is a branch of molecule quantum theory that consider dynamics of the transitory molecular states of "quantum" transition. Dozychaos technicians of primary education electron carriers in crystalline materials, which is the easiest case of DC (dozy-chaos) mechanical systems, and its implementations to a broad variety of cases, including the absorption spectrum in dyes of polymethine and their collection, have previously demonstrated the effectiveness of the dampers for the above said beginning of the universe. This study explains the elementary electron DC mechanics exchanges in a systematic way. The key results of its implementations are also discussed, as they were in the introductory.

Keywords: Quantum Physics; Singularity; Dozy Choas; Electron Transfer; Molecular Physics. ,


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