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A Novel developed method for the estimation of Minoxidil in Pharmaceuticals Using a High-performance Liquid Chromatographic Process

Khaldoon S. Alhadad
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, University of Basrah, Iraq.
H. N. K. AL-Salman
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, University of Basrah, Iraq.


The purpose of this work is to create a precise and rapid RP-HPLC technique to measure Minoxidil in line with the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) standards. The primary objective of the study is to: This study investigated the development and validation of an efficient, accurate, and quicker RP-HPLC technique for the detection of Minoxidil in compliance with the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) recommendations. Methods: Specifically, it was Waters that was employed in the HPLC experiment. It was easier to isolate the medication utilising an Ion Pac zorbax 300-SCX Agilent Column with a length of 5 metres and a diameter of 4.6 millimetres, which was used in this study. The mobile phase was composed of Methanol, water, and acetonitrile in a volume ratio of (70:20:10) v/v with perchloric acid at pH 3 at a flow rate of 1 millilitre per minute, while the stationary phase was composed of acetonitrile and perchloric acid at pH 3. According to the data, the minoxidil had a preservation duration of 3.47 0.01 minutes after being applied to the skin. The R2 value was 0.9998 in the concentration range of 5-25 g/ml, indicating that the process was linear in the concentration range. It was found that the system's LOD and LOQ had concentrations of (1.980 and 5.980) g/ml, respectively. Precision of the method and system was predicted, and the findings were expressed as a percentage of the standard deviation (RSD), which were found to be well within the bounds of the projected precision. The fact that minoxidil recovery was in the region of 96-100 percent proved the accuracy of the technology used to analyse it. When performed in accordance with the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) recommendations, the suggested RP-HPLC process was determined to be reliable. The following procedure can be used to do routine diagnostic analysis on a patient.

Keywords: Chromatographic Method for Minoxidil, Exertion Degeneration, FT-IR for Minoxidil. ,


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