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Intersecting Dichotomies in the Noble Qur’an

Dilshad Hashem Issa
College of Islamic Sciences , Karbala University , Iraq
Ammar Muhammad Hussein Al-Ansari
College of Islamic Sciences , Karbala University , Iraq


The Arabic language is full of diverse methods of expressing meanings, and that stems from its verbal capacity and rhetorical performance, and since the Noble Qur’an was revealed in the Arabic language, rather it preserved it from being lost, it contained graphic methods that proved its linguistic miracle in beautiful, sweet words without dissonance and no difference between them, How not? It is the word of Allah that surpasses the words of human beings, not to mention the objectives of the legislative systems and religious rulings that aim at it. Among these rhetorical methods is the style of intersecting dichotomies, including: the general and the private, so the legislative rule combines characteristics that make it general and includes all individuals، or it applies to some cases and is called special, and that intention may have a special purpose, so the expression of it deals with the generality of the ruling, then comes what clarifies its limit or limits its scope, and the Arabic statement in coloring the discourse and stating the purposes and objectives is a manifestation of the strength of the language and the breadth of its material. The general and the specific are legal rulings that alone possess the justifications for their obligatory descent, and the general and specific rulings have no relation to the absolute ruling and the restricted ruling. The Qur’anic verse is the result of the position and the requirement of the situation of the incident, so there is no abrogating or abrogated between the general indication and the specific indication, rather, they are both rulings that have their obligations that don't mix, and the other duality is the duality of the absolute and the restricted, as we notice that the texts of the Noble Qur’an are full of mentioning the absolute and mentioning the restricted explicitly at times and with an implicit reference at other times. The Sunnah of the Prophet did not deviate from that, rather it came as an interpreter and an explanation of the limits of that absolute and restricted in the Noble Qur’an and according to what the provisions of the noble verse aspire to. Many expressions have been mentioned in it, sometimes they are absolute and at other times they are restricted, and each of them has its own meaning and rulings that indicate it, and since the understanding of these texts depends on knowing the meaning of the word in terms of absolute and restrictive and the ruling of each of them, and even the absolute is carried on The restriction when the texts conflict, especially since this is the subject of scholarly disagreement, accordingly, this section of the study of expressions is of great importance because of its impact on understanding the word of Allah revealed to His sent Prophet and knowing its interpretation and intent.



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