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Quran style in the vocal relay

Sabria Ali Aaleh
AL-Hikmah University College /Iraq


The method of the Holy Quran is one of the most important sciences that scientists have taken care of. For how the sounds interact with their meaning, and the compositions fit until they run on the tongue in harmony and consistency, however, Some methods in their performance are smooth and balanced, and this is a feature that reaches the pinnacle of verification in the Holy Quran, and the system between Quranic verses, association, arrangement, coordination and good coalition. The speech took place in a pre-speech and subsequent format which is appropriate between them in word and meaning, And the graduation between the verses of the Qur 'an in a specific order and the association between its matters and parts in achieving the conformity of the meanings, The composition in case of construction is compatible between the parts of the verse and appropriate therein, It shows the appearance of psychological emotion, spirituality, composition, melodic systems and different tonal sequences that commensurate with the meanings and connotations of the Quranic, then  creates various movements in its turbulence and follows it up on apt amounts to its origins.

The Holy Qur 'an used a range of words, and their voices commensurate with their echoes, their connotation of the type of their formulation, the operative one to which there may be a consensus in the concept or meaning and may not conform, first exceeding the soundtrack to the semantic compatibility, and a method of verbal improvement to the orderly systems of each other's meaning in addition to multiplication of valuable systems.

The Quranic text in its verses is a verbal harmony or beauty in its style, verbal voices, sequences, and a study of the meanings chosen to know its semantic and vocal effect. The Holy Koran's verses are taken with the words, meanings, sounds, conscience, feelings and sensory bell that can be seen from the division of the syllables of words, their moral and vocal connotations.

Keywords: Quran style in the vocal relay, verbal and vocal connotation in the Holy Quran , moral sufficiency in the connotation. ,


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