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Non-Surgical Treatment of Multilocular Central Giant Cell Granulomas (CGCG) in the Mandible. Presentation of Three Cases Treated In Basrah, Iraq

Sundus Abdul Wadood Aljazaeri
M.Sc. In O&MFS, Basrah Dental College. University of Basrah/Iraq
Zainab Abdulkareem Maktoof
M.Sc. In Pathology, Basrah dental College, University of Basrah/Iraq
Mustafa S. Al-Mutar
FIBMS; Radiodiagnosis, Senior Consultant Radiologist/ Al-Sadder Teaching Hospital, Basrah, Iraq


Objective: This study's goal is to show how the medical management of three patients' Central Giant Cell Granulomas (CGCG) in the mandible performed better than surgical surgery. Background: The upper and lower jaws are occasionally affected by the central giant cell granuloma (CGCG), a benign non-cancerous tumour that destroys bone. Locally severe CGCG can cause facial asymmetries in people of all ages as well as bone distraction and root resorption. Conventional surgery is used to treat CGCG, albeit there is a higher recurrence rate after surgery than after medication therapy. The clinical behaviour divergence of the CGCG has resulted in a significant lack of consent for using the various treatment alternatives. Surgery to treat a large CGCG causes the patient to experience aesthetic issues. The worst complications following surgery are tooth or tooth germ loss and bone resection, both of which may necessitate extensive post-operative reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation. Corticosteroid non-surgical therapy has been shown to produce worthwhile outcomes that may be helpful. Case presentation: Three patients have been diagnosed with CGCG: two ladies, age 22 and 32, and a little boy, age 13. The remaining patients received intralesional triamcinolone injection therapy, whereas the female patient received intralesional hydrocortisone injection therapy. The lesions seemed to have shrunk in size seven to eight years after therapy, and the panoramic radiograph showed increased opacification without recurrence. Conclusion: In comparison to surgical treatment, non-surgical corticosteroid therapy for big CGCG produced good results.

Keywords: Central giant cell granuloma, mandible, steroid, non-surgical ,


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