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Thyroid Surgery Demographic Study, Complications, and Outcome

Jaleel Al-Obaidy AL Kindi
collage of medicine/Baghdad university/Medical Director of Al-Shifaa Investment Private Hospital – Diyala Government - Iraq


Objective: To present a demographic study of thyroid diseases and thyroid surgical operation and to analyse the results in Al-Kindi teaching hospital and al-Shifaa private hospital from 10 Feb 2010 to 20 Mar 2020 , and to try to define those groups of patients at increased risk of complications .Design: Retrospective study. Setting: al-Kindi teaching hospital (Baghdad University) and Al-Shifaa private Hospital , Diyala governorate .Subjects: 100 patients who were operated on for goitre during a 10 year period. Main outcome measures: 100 patients have been operation done for them goitre, Waiting time to operation, incidence of complications, and sequelae.Results: In the demographic study the number of patients operated on for benign thyroid diseases is declined during the study period. At the same time the average waiting time between consultation and operation increased from 2-3 months. In the total series (800) 18 patients developed temporary unilateral vocal cord paralysis (C), and 8 developed hematoma of the vocal cords (0.7%). There were no bilateral vocal cord paralyses. 7 patients developed temporary postoperative hypocalcaemia (0), and an additional 8 patients (0.7%) developed temporal hypocalcaemia. 5 patients developed wound haematomas (0. 5), and 3 had wound infections (0.3%). A total of 16 patients (1.5%) had a permanent complication in the form of nerve injury or damage to the parathyroid glands. The rates of postoperative complications were significantly higher among patients who had two or more operations in the neck .Conclusion. The decline in the number of operations for benign goitre at al-Kindi teaching hospital (Baghdad University) and Al-Shifaa private Hospital due to the education of people takin iodine. This can be explained by loss of operating room capacity rather than introduction of some alternative cure for goitre or change of criteria for operation Certain groups of patients are at higher risk of complications than others

Keywords: surgical treatment, thyroid diseases, complication . ,


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