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An Alternative Material for The Human Body for Radiotherapy in Diagnostic Tests

Khalidah G. Hasan
Department of Physics, Ministry of Education, Baghdad, Iraq.
Atyaf H. Kazem


The advancement of technology in the field of radiation therapy now allows us to use precision and clinically high-quality radiotherapy techniques for oncological patient treatment to restrict irradiation of normal tissues and increase tumor control in the surrounding area. The rigorous adherence to the requirements for the precision of the dose supplied is a necessary condition for the application of the justification principle. The enhancement and careful adherence to the nice assurance (QA) application in the radiological department ensures high standards of radiation treatment. However, due to the complexity of QA programs, the standardized and widely used tests included in the first-rate administration machine are merely mechanical and dosimetric assessments that cannot determine the presence and degree of the critical error. in the dose delivered to the patient, which arises as a result of the execution of state-of-the-art radiation therapy procedures, as properly as to take into account the complexity of the implementation of cutting-edge strategies of treatment. The goal of the work is to advance a technique of complex dosimetric trying out of the radiation therapy procedure (end-to-end audit), primarily based on the utilization of the anthropomorphic phantom of the original design. The end result of this work is the creation of the modified anthropomorphic phantom for precision dosimetric measurements, designed for testing the following technological processes of the radiation remedy process: a laptop tomography acquisition; a computerized cure planning system, along with a contouring module and dose distribution calculation algorithm; imaging systems integrated with radiation treatment units; dosimetric and technical characteristics of the radiation treatment units. Regular dosimetric trying out of the radiation remedy technological system (end-to-end audit) with utilization of the technique proposed by way of the authors, based on the developed anthropomorphic phantom usage, will enable to verify the accuracy of dose distribution delivered to patients with all predominant malignant tumors localizations.

Keywords: Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Clinical Dosimetry, Anthropomorphic Phantom. ,


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