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Diagnosis and Genome Sequence with Aphylogenetic tree of SARS-COV-2isolated from a COVID-19 patients in all Iraqi Hospitals

Mohammed issa mohsin
Ministry of Health- CPHL/Iraq
Hani Mousa Badr
Ministry of Health- CPHL/Iraq
Nada Noori Younis
Ministry of Health- CPHL/Iraq
Manal Abid Ahmed
Ministry of Health- CPHL/Iraq
Durad Qassim Jassim
Ministry of Health- CPHL/Iraq
Elham A. Kalaf
Ministry of Health- CPHL/Iraq
Nawras A. Tawfeeq
Ministry of Health- CPHL/Iraq
Yousif Tahssen Yousif
Ministry of Health- CPHL/Iraq
Farah Ahmed Mohammed
Ministry of Health- CPHL/Iraq


Coronavirus is a new pandemic disease which has emerged in Wuhan, China, and then spreads around the world. The cases number of the COVID-19, that have been daily reported in Iraq, has risen slowly. However, no confirmed study has been undertaken to evaluate the situation of the COVID-19 concerning the confirmed cases, deaths cases, and recovered. Nasopharyngeal and throat Swabs fluid were collected from(500) patients who has been diagnosed as positive for COVID-19 from all hospitals of the governorates of Iraq, males  (250) and females(250) ,all specimens wereenrolled from The Central Public Health Laboratory in Baghdad, Iraqi Ministry of Health, in period from April 2021 to April 2022. for pupose of diagnosed using Real-Time PCR with ahigh significant percentage for all governorates 9.029 and the number of males 195, and by 57.86%and the number of females was 142 with a ratio of 42.14. Then confirmed the type of infection by doing sequences and find mutations in the Illumina device to (337) the number of  injuries was distributed among 289 types of Omicron and 48 Delta with a significant percentage 8.335.A phylogenetic analysis was done using MolecularEvolutionary Genetics Analysis version 7.0 (MEGA 7.0) to examine similarities and differences between theIraq  genome sequence and 20 SARS-CoV-2 genomesequence downloaded from GenBank and the GISAIDdatabaseto compared with neighboring countries.

Keywords: SARS-COV-2. Genome Sequence. COVID-19patients. SARS-COV-2isolated. Phylogenetic tree. ,


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