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The effect of resistance training with and against the locomotor track on some biomechanical variables of the 100-meter freestyle for young men

Yousif Sareeh Abdul-Kareem AlFadly
College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences - University of Baghdad/Iraq
Ahmed Thamer Mohsen
College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences - University of Baghdad/Iraq


The training programs for swimmers 100 m freestyle must be directed to  enhance the physical abilities of this competition, especially muscle strength of various kinds according to the nature of external resistance faced by the swimmer in the water and for a relatively long time, so the researchers resorted  to preparing exercises with resistances and  against the direction of movement of the swimmer in order to mobilize and activate additional motor  units to create a state of adaptation and Alastharain these units to produce  Fast kinetic action to overcome external resistances represented by the aquatic environment, improve biomechanical  variables and achievement. The research was applied to a sample of the youth swimming team amounting to (6) swimmers, and the researchers conducted a swimming test for a distance of 100 meters (pre-test) and the biomechanical variables were measured during the performance stages  with the smart data sensor Triton Wear), and the  exercises were applied to shine resistance with and against the direction of movement of the swimmer and for distances And limited times,  taking into account the components of the training load to make a development in the internal strength of the research sample and improve the mechanical conditions, and for a period  of (6) weeks by (3) training units per week and  after completion  the post-test was conducted, and the  researchers concluded, the emergence of an improvement in all biomechanical variables (swimmer's speed, length and frequency of blows, force exerted at start and rotation time) and achievement.

Keywords: Resistance to the direction of movement, resistance against the direction of movement, relatively long time, freestyle. ,


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