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Altered calcium levels are associated with abnormalities in fasting serum glucose, insulin resistance, and beta-cell function in the Iraqi people

Zamn R. Hashim
Clinical laboratory sciences department, College of pharmacy, University of Basra, Basra, Iraq
Qutaiba A. Qasim
College of pharmacy, Al-Ayen university, Thi-Qar, Iraq
Falah H Shari
Clinical laboratory sciences department, College of pharmacy, University of Basra, Basra, Iraq


Background Calcium is required for bone metabolism as well as other crucial biological activities such as the transmission of nerve impulses, coagulation of blood, cell communication, and muscle contraction. Insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion depend on calcium homeostasis is maintained. Since the initiation of insulin exocytosis from Beta-cells requires Ca+2 inflow via voltage-operated Ca+2 channels, changes in Ca+2 concentrations may influence insulin secretion. Methods This was a cross-sectional study done in the Basra governorate of Iraq. Data was collected from 1st September 2021 to 1st march 2022. The calculated sample size was 150 participants including 72 males and 78 females. For laboratory analysis, venous blood was collected by using the aseptic method from three groups diabetic, Prediabetic and normal persons. We collected participants' data, including gender (male, female), age (18-70) years, nationality, and blood analysis “fasting blood glucose, vitamin D, and calcium, HbA1c levels, insulin” Results The spearman Correlation coefficient test found "a highly significant direct correlation was found between total blood Calcium and indicators of hyperglycemia" (FBG),(HbA1c) respectively, "R=0.218, p<0.01, and R=0.258", P<0.01. Conclusion Any disruption in calcium homeostasis can cause insulin deficiency and insulin resistance, which increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Keywords: Type 2diabetes, calcium concentration, insulin resistance, insulin insufficiency, ,


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