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Management Strategy of Higher Education in Increasing the Reputation and Competitiveness of University (Case Studies at Karimun University and Universal Batam University)

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Iim Wasliman
islamic university nusantara Bandung.
Hendi S. Muchtar
islamic university nusantara Bandung.
Yosal Irianto
islamic university nusantara Bandung.


This research is motivated by the lack of good reputation of university compared to other University outside the Riau Archipelago. In general, this study aims to describe the strategic management of higher education institutions in improving reputation and competitiveness at Karimun University and Batam Universal University. In particular, the purpose of this research is to find out and study; 1) Environmental analysis, 2) Strategy formulation, 3) Strategy implementation, 4) Strategy evaluation and control, 5) Problems, and 6) Superior PT strategic management in improving University reputation and competitiveness. Case studies at Karimun University and Batam Universal University. Therefore, this research is based on Hunger & Wheleen Strategic Management Theory, Griffin's Reputation Theory and Porter's Competitiveness Theory. This study used descriptive qualitative method. The results of this study are 1) universities have carried out environmental analysis both internally and externally but have not implemented it on an ongoing basis. 2) University have carried out strategy formulation based on the development of vision, mission, goals, policies and strategies. However, the strategy formulated has not focused on building reputation and competitive advantage. 3) University has attempted to implement strategies to improve reputation and competitiveness, but not optimally. Even though the budget is adequate, University does not yet have programs, budget allocations and SOP to improve reputation. 4) Evaluation of the strategy carried out by university does not use proper performance indicators, so that University cannot compare University performance results with expected performance achievements, 5) University has several crucial problems including University have not implemented the principles of building reputation and University do not yet have excellence competitive outperforming competitors. 6) University is not maximal in creating competitive advantage of higher education. The conclusion of this study is that the strategic management of higher education in improving reputation and competitiveness at Karimun University and Batam Universal University is not optimal.

Keywords: Strategic Management, Reputation, Competitiveness. ,


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