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Law Enforcement against the Spread of Fake News on Social Media In Relation To Law Number 19 of 2016 Concerning Information and Electronic Transactions

Saji Sonjaya
Nusantara Islamic University, Indonesia
Anjas Yudapratama
Nusantara Islamic University, Indonesia
Aldy Pangestu Aji
Nusantara Islamic University, Indonesia
Ilham Muhardi
Nusantara Islamic University, Indonesia
Wagusno Bintang Simbolon
Nusantara Islamic University, Indonesia


The development of technology and information in Indonesia today is so fast. Any information released through social media, if sent and read by many people, can affect the emotions, feelings, thoughts and even actions of a person or group who reads it. It is unfortunate if the information conveyed is inaccurate, especially information about fake news (hoax) with a very provocative title that leads readers and recipients to negative opinions. This research aims to know and understand the law enforcement against the spread of fake news on social media in relation to Law No. 19 of 2016 on Electronic Information and Transactions, as well as to know and understand the obstacles and efforts in law enforcement against the spread of fake news on social media. This research was conducted using normative legal research, namely doctrine legal research, also known as library research or document research. It is called doctrine legal research because this research is conducted or aimed only at written regulations or other legal materials. Based on the results of the research, the author can conclude that law enforcement is an effort by law enforcement officials to guarantee and ensure that the law runs as regulated. If a legal product has been applied or is running in practice, the legal product is said to be effective. There are five main factors that affect the difficulty of law enforcement: the law itself, law enforcement, facilities, society, and culture. In the fight against fake news on social media, law enforcement agencies cooperate with relevant groups such as information technology experts and universities to promote criminal offenses for spreading fake news.

Keywords: Crime, Fake News, Law Enforcement. ,


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