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Integrity and Authority of the Prosecutor's Role in Enforcing Corruption Crimes

Yuyut Prayuti
University of Islam Nusantara
Difar Cahyadi
University of Islam Nusantara
Agis Parman
University of Islam Nusantara
Asep Dani ramdani
University of Islam Nusantara
Febri Ahmadyani
University of Islam Nusantara


The authors examine issues related to the development of a normative model of the activities of public prosecutors in criminal proceedings and the ways in which such a model can influence the reform of the criminal process as a whole. Objectives: to analyze the impact of the model of the activities of public prosecutors on the successful achievement of the objectives of criminal proceedings and to propose reforms of the criminal justice system. This research uses legal modeling methods, statistical and sociological cognition methods, and legal comparison methods. Results and originality: The originality of the research is demonstrated by the fact that, for the first time, an attempt was made to determine the impact of the public prosecutor's activity model on the direction of criminal justice reform. The results of the study include the identification of the main factors influencing the construction of the legal model of the prosecutor's activity in the field of criminal proceedings, as well as the determination of the directions of influence of the model on the reform of the criminal justice system. 

Keywords: public prosecutor; criminal prosecution; discretionary authority. ,


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