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Effectiveness of Law Enforcement against Corporations as Perpetrators of Corruption in Indonesia

Hanny Amelia
University of Islam Nusantara
Rifaldi Sukma
University of Islam Nusantara
Theodora Arethusa
University of Islam Nusantara
Derex Anoraga Siradjz Lusgiantoro
University of Islam Nusantara
Rendi Somantri
University of Islam Nusantara


Efforts to remove corporate crimes, including corruption prosecutions, in Indonesia continue to encounter a number of challenges. One of the most significant issues is a lack of legal advice to assist law enforcement officials and courts in dealing with this challenging circumstance. The significance of developing particular jurisprudence relating to the criminal offense of corporate corruption, as well as its impact on the effectiveness of law enforcement in this country, is being debated. The goal of this research is to persuade the Supreme Court to take aggressive efforts in establishing jurisprudence on corporate legal prosecution. If such jurisprudence is formed successfully, it can serve as a vital source of inspiration and guidance for law enforcement personnel and judges. This study employs normative research techniques such as legislative analysis, conceptual evaluation, and case studies. The arguments provided illustrate that certain criminal verdicts applied to business firms implicated in corruption have resulted in the establishment of new legal concepts that law enforcement officials and judges in the Corruption Court should be concerned about. These legal principles must be evaluated for inclusion in jurisprudence in order to overcome the barriers that impede the effectiveness of efforts to remove corporate corruption. Given that the prerequisites for filing criminal charges against corporations in corruption cases have been met, there is a tremendous need to expedite the process and stages of the court through the Supreme Court's involvement.

Keywords: Corporation, criminalization, corruption perpetrator ,


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