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Predictive Role of IGFBP-7 and Activin A in Newly Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma

Zeyad Tareq Habeeb
University of Kerbala / College of Education of pure sciences/ Iraq
Zainab A. Razak Al-Sharifi
University of Baghdad / Collage of Medicine/Iraq
Rahem Mahdy Rahem
University of Al-Ameed / Collage of Medicine /Iraq


Plasma cells tumor or multiple myeloma (MM) is a hematological malignancy and determined the second most common cancer characterized by extensive renal deficiency, lytic lesions of bone, anemia, hypercalcemia and recurrent infections; despite emerging novel approaches and agents, it still incurable. IGFBP-7 is high expressed in liver, kidney, bone and muscle, and the expression level is higher in renal tubules. Activin A is a dimeric glycoprotein, it controls the transcription of downstream target genes; and noncanonical signaling pathways, including as mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling. Aim of the study: Is found the correlation between predictive biomarkers IGFBP-7 and Activin A in newly diagnosed plasma cells tumor. Materials and methods: Cross-sectional study of patients Hospital-Based was conducted from the period extended from May 2020 until August 2021. A total of 58 newly diagnosis MM patients were involved in this study who were subjected to physical examination, standard clinical, radiological, and laboratory investigations and diagnosed by hematologists with MM from both genders. Urine samples were collected to measure the concentrations of IGFBP7 Activin A By ELISA analysis. Results: The mean age of newly diagnosis of patients was (61.69 ± 11.12) years. 80.0 years was the older age and the youngest patient was (34.0) years. Half of them and more were male with (53.4%). According to staging distribution of disease (Stage I, Stage II and Stage III). Stage I represent (37.9%), Stage II represent (27.6%) of patients) and Stage III represent (34.5%) of patients. The mean differences of IGFBP7 (pg/ml) according to stages of MM. There were significant differences between means of IGFBP7 (pg/ml) according to stages of the disease.  While, the mean differences of Activin A (ng/ml) according to staging of the disease, there were significant differences between means of Activin A (ng/ml) according to stages of multiple myeloma.

Keywords: Plasma Cell Tumor, MM, Newly diagnosis, Predictive Biomarkers, IGFBP7, Activin A ,


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