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Synthesis, Characterization, and Activity Related to Cytotoxicity Study of Some Indole-Derived Chalcones

Ghufran A. Hammood
Forensic sciences department, Al-esraa university college, Baghdad, Iraq
Sanaa A. Alsahib
Department of Chemistry, College of Science for Women, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


In this work, series of new chalcones derived from indole compounds were synthesized. In the first the compound indole with Phosphoryl chloride in in the presence of (DMF). Schiff base [C2] was prepared by reaction of with 3-amino acetophenone and then the compounds [C3-C6] were synthesized by reacting compound [C2] with a different aryl aldehyde in the presence of potassium hydroxide. Spectroscopic techniques were used to confirm and describe the compounds' chemical makeup (FT-IR spectroscopy, 1H-NMR spectroscopy). Target compounds' cytotoxic effects at different concentrations on the human breast cancer cell line MCF7 were investigated. According to the findings, compound (2) in particular showed potential cytotoxic action against the MCF7 cell line. This compound was tested at various dosages and demonstrated the highest inhibition at a rate of 100 g/ml among the compounds.

Keywords: indol derivatives, chalcones, Schiff base, cytotoxicity activity ,


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