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The Prevalence of Injuries in Mixed Martial Arts Among Iraqi Fighters

Zeyad Abdulrazzaq
MBChB. MSc. Ph.D, AlMustafa University College/Iraq
Aeshah Tareq
B.D.S Baghdad University of Baghdad, College of Dentistry/Iraq


Mixed Marital Art (MMA) is a sport that had a good fame in the last ten years, taking the interest of large popularity in Iraq. The ferocious competitors that competed in these events suffered numerous injuries ranging from minor to serious, taking the game out of the pleasure. Aim of this study: The goal of this research is to establish the most common injuries in this sport in Iraq. Materials and Methods: In Iraq excluding Kurdistan there is about 400 fighters at various phases staging from youth to professional athletes, from a variety of sports (mostly from MMA, taekwondo players, wrestlers, boxers, karate and other athletes …) This retrospective study was done along one year and included two championships. Results: The most prevalent injuries are brain contusion, black eyes, radius and ulna fractures, boxer fracture (most prevalent from self-injuries), cruciate ligament injuries. Conclusion: Providing a quick management at the time of injury and having field local medical committee for fights during the matches. With ambulances being ready near any match center, Long term follow up appointments for serious head injuries are the main goals for preventing and controlling further complications.

Keywords: MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, Fighters, Iraq Gyms. ,


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