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Iranian Chinese Economic Relations 1979-2010: Iran-China-Economic-Relation-Oil and Gas

Mohammed Dakhil Karim Al-Saadi
University of Al-Hamdaniya, College of Education /Department of History, Iraq
Zainab Mohammed Taher Haider
University of Al-Hamdaniya, College of Education /Department of History, Iraq


The Iranian-Chinese economic relations during the period 1979-2010 were based on ancient historical origins, as they began in the era of the Chinese Emperor Han, who established trade and economic relations with the Parthian and Sasanian kingdoms in Iran through the Silk Road that linked Iran and China. However, these relations declined after the Silk Road lost its commercial importance, and this continued until 1979, when relations began to develop between the two countries to include several fields, including industrial, agricultural and investment, as well as in the field of oil and natural gas, especially after the end of the Iran-Iraq war, as the Chinese companies took their first steps in oil and gas exploration projects in Iran. Despite the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council on Iran over its nuclear program, China continued its economic cooperation with Iran until 2010. In order to briefing the topic, the research was divided into two sections, the first one included Iranian-Chinese cooperation in the commercial, industrial, agricultural and investment fields, while the second section dealt with the role of oil and natural gas in Iranian-Chinese cooperation.



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