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Clinical Study of Changes Selenium, Zinc, Lead and Lipid Profile in Serum with Retinopathy Diabetic Patients in thi Qar Governorate

Jamal Harbi Hussein Alsaadi
Chemistry Department-College of Science-University of Thi qar/Iraq
Nagham H. Alrikabi
Al-Ayen University College of Health &Medical Technologies/Iraq
Huda Mahdi younis
College of Dentistry, University of Basra/Iraq.


Diabetic retinopathy is a common complication of diabetes It causes blindness among adults whose ages range from more than twenty years to about seventy-five years. During the past two decades there is a wide prevalence of diabetic patients with retinopathy. A large proportion of blindness is attributable to diabetic retinopathy. Compared to other eye diseases were common. There are some factors that are associated with high blood sugar levels, including changes in some trace elements and changes in lipid levels in the serum Patients with retinopathy due to diabetes. Aims of study : exploration of the correlation between elevation of glucose and HbA1C levels and levels of trace elements lead , zinc and selenium and lipid profile in serum of diabetic and diabetic with retinopathy groups. Patients and methods : The study extended from March 2021 to end of August 2021. The study included (90) subjects , were divided into thirty subjects as healthy Control group , thirty subjects Diabetes type 2 without complications and Clinically diagnosed cases of Diabetes type2 with retinopathy .The kits were used are available in the commercial markets , and Selenium ,zinc and lead elements was determined by using atomic absorption device. Results: The results of the current study showed a significant increase in blood glucose levels and HbA1C in the groups of diabetic and diabetic with retinopathy patients . The study also showed a significant increase of the lead element with a significant decrease in zinc and selenium in both groups of patients compared with control group, while the results showed the presence of Significant increase in the Biochemical variables of the lipid profile in all groups of patients compared with the control group. Conclusion: Our study showed that diabetic and diabetic with retinopathy are associated with higher lead concentration and lower zinc and selenium . addition increase of lipid profile parameters.

Keywords: diabetic , retinopathy , lipid profile , , lead zinc , selenium ,


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