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Frequency of hand dermatitis in relation to frequent hand washing with antiseptics during COVID - 19 pandemic

Ass Prof Dr Hasan Nasir Mohsen
Department of Medicine ,College Of Medicine ,AL-Nahrain
Dr Kawther Abdulkareem
Dermatologist ,Alkadhimia Teaching Hospital Baghdad Iraq


Objective: The aim of this study is to assess the skin changes that may occur in people as a result of frequent hand washing with topical antiseptics to protect themselves during COVID -19 pandemic. Methods: This is a cross sectional descriptive study done in Alkadhimia Teaching Hospital in Baghdad during COVID- 19 pandemic from the period 1st of November 2020 to 1st of march 2021. Three hundred participants attending the dermatology outpatient clinic were enrolled, each one was interviewed by questionnaire &examined by dermatologist. Results: The most common skin change is dryness s(52.66%) & most commonly affected site is the dorsum of hands (43%) of participants. Forty three (14.33%) of participants diagnosed as having hand dermatitis. Female patients compromise (65.11%) of them & house wives were more involved (46.51%) &the age group (21-30 years) is more affected (34.88%). Conclusion: skin changes & dermatitis are related to antiseptic materials used rather than number of hand washing per day.

Keywords: COVID-19; antiseptics; hand hygiene ,


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