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[Women's satisfaction about nursing care for caesarean section in the maternity hospital in Karbala city]

Lecturer Dr. Muntaha Abdullah Reishaan
College of Nursing, University of Al-Ameed, Karbala, POBox198, Iraq


Objective: To assessment of women’s satisfaction regarding nursing care about cesarean section and to find out the relationship between demographical, obstetrical characteristics and women’s satisfaction regarding nursing care. Methods: A descriptive study was conducted to assess women’s satisfaction with nursing care about caesarean section at Maternity and Obstetrics Hospital in Karbala city. The study will be carried out during period between the February2022 to 2022June. A purposive (non-probability) sample of 70 women who attended the postpartum ward in Maternity and Obstetrics Hospital. The questionnaire was obtained from review of the literature and modified by researchers to be suitable with the study sample nature including three-part: (social demographic/ obstetrical characteristics/items related to women satisfaction.) Data were analyzed by using (Excel) and (SPSS) version 16, which includes my descriptive. Results: present study shows that women were satisfied about The professional's perception of health. preparation for a caesarean, participation in decision making, the postpartum care domain, the hospital's facilities and the patient's privacy are all part of the domain. while current study shows that women were unsatisfied about comforting domain, meeting baby domain and meeting expectations. Conclusion: current study revealed that the Women were satisfied about nursing care about caesarean section 

Keywords: Satisfaction, Nursing Care, Caesarean Section ,


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