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Roles of Nursing Skills in Improving Quality of Rehabilitative Health Services for Patients with Chronic Conditions

Mohammed Malih Radhi
Community Health Nursing, Kut Technical Institute/ Middle Technical University- Iraq.
Haitham Ibrahim Faris
Adult Health Nursing/ College of Nursing, Alameed University, Iraq


Background: The continuous quest to improve the quality of rehabilitative health services comes primarily to focus on controlling chronic diseases and coping with the treatment. The study aimed to investigate the roles of nursing skills in improving quality of rehabilitative health services for patients chronic conditions. Methods: This descriptive correlational study included 307 patients with chronic conditions who review specialized centers in Marjan Medical City in Babylon Province. The validity of the study questionnaire was achieved through  a experts and reliability was achieved through a pilot study. Data were collected carried out on interview techniques and analyzed by applying the descriptive and deductive approach to statistical data analysis. Results: The results of the study indicated that the mean age is 51 (±9.86), participants were predominated (63.5%), the urban residents (79.2%), elementary and secondary school graduated (31.6%) each them, the employment (63.5). there were correlation coefficients indicate that there is a significant positive correlation between the role of nurses' skills to deal with patients with chronic conditions and the quality of rehabilitative health services as a whole (r=0.658; p=0.000). Conclusions: Nursing skills play a major role in improving the quality of rehabilitative health services, whether through verbal communication, listening, and persuasion. The need to hold training courses for human development on an ongoing basis about the skills of dealing with patients with chronic conditions for nursing workers, whether verbal communication skills, good listening skills and persuasion, because of their impact on the quality of the rehabilitative health service.

Keywords: Roles of Nursing Skills, Quality of Rehabilitative Health Services, ,


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