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Effect of Breastfeeding Training Program on Nurses' and Midwaves’ Competency in Akre District

Sameera Sadeeq Fatah
Assistant Lecturer, MSc. Maternity Nursing/Nursing department/Akre Technical institute/ Duhok Polytechnic University
Alaa Noori Sarkees
Assistant Professor Ph.D. Community Health Nursing/ Nursing department/ College of Health and Medical Technology/Duhok Polytechnic University


Background: Breastfeeding is directly feeding an infant and young baby via lactation. It’s the usual way of providing infants with the nutrient they need for healthy growth and development. This study aims to improve nurses’ and midwives’ competency in instructing mothers to breastfeed their babies through the application of a breastfeeding training program. Methods: A Quasi-Experimental study was done to examine the effect of the breastfeeding training program on the competency of 30 non-probability convenient nurses and midwives about instructing mothers to breastfeed their babies in the delivery, post-delivery, and post-Cesarian Section rooms of the governmental hospital in the Akri district from March 2022 through October 2022. The data were gathered using the checklist format, which was created by the authors according to the aim of the study, and this checklist was filled through direct observation of the nurses and midwives before and after giving them the training session to find out the effect of the breastfeeding training program on their competency in instructing mothers on breastfeeding their babies. The nurses’ competency is calculated by applying the cutoff for the checklist items’ mean score to three levels; poor competency (1-1.66), fair competency (1.67-2.33), and well competency (2.34-3). The SPSS version 23 IBM was used for analyzing the data Frequency, Percentages, Mean, Standard Deviation, and Confidence Interval. Conclusion: The competency of nurses and midwives who worked in the governmental maternity hospital of Akri district is improved after engaging them in a breastfeeding training program established in the present study related to instructing mothers in breastfeeding their newborns.

Keywords: Breastfeeding, training program, Nurses and Midwives ,


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