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Knowledge of Mothers Toward the use of Antibiotics for Their Children in Babylon Province

Sura Falah Abdul Hadi Aljubbawi
Lecturer/Department of Pediatrics/ College of Medicine/ University of Babylon/ Iraq
Saad Fawwaz Mukhlif
Department of Pediatrics, College, of Medicine, Al-Iraqia University, Iraq
Abeer Degan Abdul Amir
Babylon health director, Babil, Iraq


Introduction: Antibiotics have saved countless lives by preventing infectious diseases. Antibiotic resistance is a new worldwide health problem. Antibiotic resistance causes treatment challenges, increased mortality, and higher healthcare costs. Method: From March to August 2022, researchers surveyed 255 women at Babylon Teaching Hospital for Maternity and Children and Al-Imam Al-Sadiq Teaching Hospital. The questionnaire was self-administered. The questionnaire included data on parents' and children's demographics, antibiotic knowledge, indications for usage, administration practices, and side effects. Results: Cross-sectional study of 255 mothers; most are 20-29 [67.8%] and 3—39 [16.9%]. Most females live in cities, [80%] of mothers have higher education, and earn > 1,000,000 IQD/month. 92% of women have 3 or fewer children. The most prevalent complaint was fever (34.51%), followed by cough (26.67%) and coryza (22.75%). Amoxil (amoxicillin) [53.333%], flagyl (metronidazole) [19.22%], then azithromycin [9.41%]. [60. Mother's knowledge is linked to [age, education, and number of children]. Conclusion: Most mothers in Hilla City, Iraq have moderate knowledge of antibiotic use. Most of the complaints of children's fevers. Most antibiotic used by mothers is amoxil (amoxicillin).

Keywords: Knowledge, Mothers, use of Antibiotics, Children, Babylon Province. ,


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