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Relationship between CT-finding, degree of lung involvement and oxygen saturation in hospitalized patients with COVID19

Ala Hussian Haider
College of medicine, University of Babylon, Iraq
Fadhil Kadhim Jasim Alsultani
Merjan teaching hospital Babylon/ Iraq
Usama Khalaf Mohan
Merjan teaching hospital Babylon/ Iraq


objective :With the pandemic of COVID-19 and increasing number of patients all over the world including our country (Iraq) , there is a need to study the relationship between the CT_ finding and the saturation of oxygen in hospitalized patient.Methods :A prospective study involved hospitalized patients (diagnosed by PCR) admitted to merjan teaching hospital between 15 july and 30 october 2020 , history was taken regarding age, gender, symptoms ,presence of comorbidities , body mass index was measured ,CT was done to all patients ,degree of lung involvement was assessed for every patient , O2 saturation was measured.Results :cross sectional study involved 150 patients, (40.7%) females and (59.3%) males, (76.0%) had history of contact , (4.7%) had history of travel, symptoms were fever (81.3%) , cough ( 64%) , fatigue (56.7%) , shortness of breath ( 44.7%) , chest pain ( 27.3%), headache ( 26.7% ),sore throat (18.0%) , loss of smell and taste (11.3%) , abdominal pain ( 4%),comorbidities were as follows hypertension (39.3%) , diabetes (33.3%) ,ischemic heart disease ( 4.0%) , rheumatoid arthritis (1.3%) , smoker (8.7%). Regarding CT-finding (99.3%) had ground glass appearance , bilateral lesion occurred in 94%, 23.3% crazy paving and 14% had consolidation , (0.67%) had grade1 , (26%) grade 2 , (32.67%) grade 3 ,(30.67%) grade 4 and (10%) grade 5, (13.33%) had normal oxygen saturation, (11.33%) mild hypoxia, (23.33%) moderate hypoxia , (52%) had severe hypoxia.Conclusion : There was significant association between involvement of lung tissue by CT and body mass index ,also significant association between lung involvement and oxygen saturation ,while there was no significant association between lung involvement with respiratory rate and gender.

Keywords: CT-finding; hospitalized patients; COVID19 ,


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