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Effect of Different Teaching Modalities on Neonatal Nurses' Performance about Neonatal Resuscitation

Mahmoud Hasan Alrabab’a
RN, PhD / Assistant professor / Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan
Roqia Saleem Maabreh
RN, PhD, CNS / Associate professor, Al- Balqa Applied University/ Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II Academy for Civil Protection, Jordan
Madiha Amin Morsy
Pediatric Nursing Department, Faculty of Nursing - Ain Shams University- Cairo- Egypt
Hekmat Yousef Al-Akash
RN, PhD, CNS / Associate Professor/ Facult of Nursing, Applied Science Private University. Jordan
Mohammad Y. Al-zaatreh
RN, PhD / Assistant professor / Al-Balqa Applied University, Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II Academy for Civil Protection, Jordan


Background: Every neonate has the right to a resuscitation performed at a high level of competent. Every neonatal care unit must ensure that the nurse and physician provide high quality of including those attending the deliveries, are appropriate trained in neonatal resuscitations. Aim of the study was to assess the effect of different teaching modalities on neonatal nurses' performance about neonatal resuscitation. Research design: quasi experimental research design. Research Settings: the study was conducted in ten Neonatal Intensive Care Units selected randomly from all Neonatal Intensive Care units at Cairo governorate Subjects: sixty nurses were selected by simple random sample attend the delivery of neonate and provide immediate neonatal care for neonates, working at the previously mentioned settings. Nurses were divided into two identical group I(GI) received the traditional methods videotape then demonstration and group II(GII) received videotape then Competent based training Tools or data collection: questionnaire sheet to assess knowledge and Clinical performance monitoring indicator checklist to measure the application of neonatal resuscitation standard for neonatal resuscitation used for each nurse in each group three time pre, immediate post after the application of the different modalities of teaching after six months. Results: revealed that there was no statistically significant difference between (GI) and (GII) pre implementation of the different teaching methods while there was a highly statistically significant difference after six months. Conclusion: it could be concluded that competent based training was the best methods for teaching skill compared with the traditional methods demonstration. Recommendation: application of competent based training (Learning by doing) as a method for teaching neonatal resuscitation for all the neonatal nurses.

Keywords: Neonatal nurses, Neonatal resuscitation, Demonstration, videotape and Competent Based Training ,


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