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Revealing the Differences Between Sundanese and Javanese Work Ethic in Bandung City

Sugih Haryanto
Intan Permatasari
Mila Safitri
Windy Aprianti Kartini
Yulianita Rahayu


The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in work ethic between Sundanese and Javanese civil servants in Bandung City. This study used a comparative descriptive method using a quantitative approach. Determining the sample in this study was using purposive sampling technique and amounted to 100 samples. Furthermore, the data collection technique used is a questionnaire distributed to civil servants who fall into the criteria for respondents for testing. Populations and samples in this study were Sundanese and Javanese civil servants of Bandung City totaling 100 respondents. Based on the results of statistical calculations, it is found that there are significant differences in the variables of Work Discipline, Hard Work and Self Confident in the Work Ethic of Sundanese and Javanese tribes in Bandung City.

Keywords: Work Ethic, Sundanese, Javanese, Work Discipline, Hard Work, Self Confident ,


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