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The Effect of Participative Leadership Style on Employee Performance at Uptd Metal Industry Office of Industry and Trade in West Java Province Using Simple Linear Regression Method

Rafika Ratik Srimurni
Deni Sahrul Majid
Muhamad Aripin
Mochamad Rifki A Siddiq
Silmi Mauludi


The company is where people work together, support each other, and integrate to achieve the goals set. Therefore the company's success rate is strongly influenced by the performance of its employees. To enhance employee performance and attain company goals, it is necessary to analyze the leadership style that fits the organization. Participative leadership style can affect employee performance. The research material consisted of primary data, employee data, questionnaires, and secondary data, including literature studies. This study used SPSS software version 20. The study used 63 respondents and it was classified as an ex-post facto study using a simple linear regression research method. The study was conducted at the West Java Province's UPTD Metal Industry Office of Industry and Trade (DISPERINDAG). The results of SPSS version 20 indicate that the validity test is deemed valid, the reliability test results for Variable X are 0.788, and Variable Y is 0.898 and is deemed reliable. A normal distribution is indicated by the normality test value of 0.514; the t-test is partially influential and significant, and the f-test is accepted with a significance level of 0.000 (0.05). The correlation coefficient (rxy) is 0.849, indicating a robust relationship. The coefficient of determination (R2) is 0.721, which indicates that the variable (X) of participative leadership style has a 72% influence on the variable (Y) of employee performance. The simple linear regression Y = 0.563 + 0.972 X results are significant, suggesting a positive and unidirectional relationship.

Keywords: Participative Leadership Style, Employee Performance, Simple Linear Regression ,


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