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System Review of Community Economic Development Activities Through Farm Women's Groups

Ikka Kartika A F
Yuni Gita Andini
Siti Rahmawati
Adam Malik
Cecep Saepudin


Women farmer groups, are groups of mothers who have the same views in agriculture, to utilize and empower everything around their homes in order to meet their food needs. The function of farm women's groups is not much different from the function of farmer groups, including: as a learning class, farmer groups are teaching and learning containers for their members to improve knowledge, attitudes and skills as well as the growth of independence in farming so that productivity increases, income increases and a more prosperous life. Based on previous research (Eksi, 2010), the problems of the Women Farmers Group (KWT) processing agricultural products include: (1) in the field of agriculture, there is no optimal utilization of yard land (2) in the industry where the behavior of SMEs processing agricultural products is dominated by women with a level of skills and knowledge that tends to be not optimal and not professional in food processing (3) in the field of employment or empowerment where the tendency of low farm business management patterns and (4) problems in the marketing process where there is still a lack of understanding of KWT about business licenses. Women are involved in managing the agricultural economy on average 5.2 hours/day of labor (HOK).

Keywords: kwt, activity, development ,


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