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Training for Coconut Waste Craftsman in Entrepreneurship in Entrepreneurship

Deti Rostini
Rina Herlina


In developing countries poverty is an acute social problem in society. Each village has different potentials, regional conditions, and community characteristics. The point is that each village has characteristics that are different from other villages. For this reason, in an empowerment effort, the local village community must be more involved in these activities. Because the community knows more about the potential and conditions of their village. The government only acts as a facilitator supporting the empowerment program. Training is not only the responsibility of the government, because the subject of empowerment is the village community itself. The method used is a qualitative method. The results of this study are to improve the community's economy and promote crafts made from coconut waste so that they are accepted by the general public as well as increase knowledge in increasing the ability and independence of the community in improving their standard of living for a better implementation of training and development programs that function as a process of transforming knowledge and skills in processing traditional handicrafts made from coconut waste.

Keywords: Training, Independence ,


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