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Analysis of Car Free Day Implementation in General Education Perspective

Suharyanto H. Soro
Rita Nurhayati
Ujang Ismail


The implementation of car free day activities is one of the government's policies in order to make urban communities aware of the importance of a healthy and friendly environmental climate and reduce air pollution that can threaten human health. Car free day activities directly actualize general educational values ​​that have been instilled in the minds and hearts of humans. This study aims to describe educational values ​​in carrying out car free day activities so as to contribute positively to a healthy and friendly environmental climate. The paradigm used in this study is a qualitative paradigm. Viewed from the domain angle, this research is included in the social and educational domains. The method used is the method of observation and interviews. The sample selection is done by purposive sampling. The research findings show that (1) Car free day activities are a concrete form of the Bandung city government's support in campaigning for a healthy and friendly environment as a result of motorized vehicle air pollution; (2) The car free day activity is also the actualization of educational values ​​possessed by a person so as to create an atmosphere of order and comfort during the car free day event; (3) The car free day activity is a form of positive campaign oriented towards creating a healthy and friendly environment.

Keywords: Car Free Day, General Education. ,


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