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Meaning in Cigarette Advertisements in Audiovisual Media

Gilang Gustriana
Murobby Fathyl Khair
Nisrina Hasna Nurzanthi
Samsul Hidayat
Akhmad Yani Surachman


Advertisements are made in such a way as to make it easier for the audience to understand the message being conveyed, which in turn inspires the audience to take action, namely buying the advertised product. However, specifically for cigarette products, the image construction that is formed is different from advertisements in general. Messages, message meanings, and images in cigarette advertisements are not easily understood by the public. This happens, among other things, because the series of words and symbols that make up the message do not directly lead to the existence (form), function, and quality of the product. This study uses a qualitative approach with semiotic analysis. Advertising messages do not lead to a single meaning, so that audiences can have different opinions about the meaning of messages in advertisements. In addition, a series of messages and images are not understood as a brand's social reality, but as a unique form of advertising. Because, audiences have their own interpretation in interpreting the message according to their own knowledge and experience. The meaning of the message is interpreted not in the framework of brand image construction, but in the construction of social reality as a reality that may construct myths.

Keywords: Social Reality, Brand Image, Message, Meaning of Message, Myth. ,


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