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Islamic Religious Education: Efforts to Strengthen the Profile of Pancasila Students

Neng Liah Sapliah
Wily Nursalam
Iyad Suryadi


This research was motivated by theoccurrence of various problems of moral decadenceand the fading of character in students.  Thisproblem  needsserious handling  so that it does not become abigger problem for  the nation in the future. One of th  effortsmade is through strengthening the  profile of  Pancasila students. The purpose of the study was to describe and analyze the role of Islamic Religious Education (PAI) subjects in strengthening the profile of Pancasila students.Theresearch approach uses qualitative with  descriptivemethods. Data collectiontechniques through interviews, observation and documentation. The results showed that PAI has a very important role in strengtheningthe profile of Pancasila  students.Strengthening the  profile of  Pancasila  students through  PAI is carried out throughintercurricular activities  in learning and   extracurricular activities  in  religiousactivitiesoutside learning.

Keywords: Education, student, pancasila, islam ,


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