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Strategic Management to Improve the Quality of Online Media-Based Learning

Eka Abdul Hamid
Sofyan Sauri
Ida Tejawiani
Nandang Koswara


The background for writing this dissertation is based on the fact that the quality of learning is not yet optimal, so far in carrying out learning strategies schools tend not to utilize media, even though the availability of ICT resources is available. The purpose of this study was to obtain an overview and analysis of strategic management to improve the quality of online media-based learning in SMK, while the specific objectives of this study were to obtain an overview and analysis of (1) environmental analysis, (2) formulation, (3) implementation, (4) ) Evaluation, (5) Obstacles and Solutions in improving the quality of online media-based learning in Vocational High Schools. The theoretical basis used is the strategic management theory of Thomas L. Wheelen & J. David Hunger and Edward Sallis's TQM theory. This research uses a qualitative analysis study approach at SMK Maarif 2 Sumedang and SMK Ardli Sela Sumedang. The results of the study were (1) strategic management at the school environment analysis stage, school management, had not utilized ICT optimally; (2) The formulation stage has not utilized the results of an environmental or SWOT analysis based on ICT; (3) The implementation phase of the school ICT management strategy has been running effectively; (4) Evaluation of strategies (programs, budgets, procedures) is not yet related to the school's vision and mission as embodied in the school work plan; (5) Obstacles found, namely a. Policy changes from the government which will automatically have an impact on learning policies in schools, b. Lack of HR capabilities due to lack of self-awareness to learn new things and adapt to technological advances, c. Limited facilities because the adjustment is so fast it takes a long time to complete the facilities that support online learning. The solution provided is that the strategy for solving the problem is carried out in an anticipatory way, namely efforts to prevent the problem from becoming severe, namely by routine and programmed supervision and coaching, for example, monitoring absenteeism, checking lesson plans adapted to online learning, syllabus, discussions between subject matter teachers. Whereas curatively, namely handling problems after they arise, usually with guidance and training programs for teachers, as well as completing the facilities needed in the teaching and learning process activities with online media

Keywords: Management Strategy, Online Media, School Quality. ,


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